Redistricting Partners is headed by Paul Mitchell, a data consultant based in Sacramento and also the Vice President of Political Data Inc.. Mitchell has a Masters in Public Policy with a focus on urban planning and econometrics.

For the past 25 years Paul has been involved in politics and policy. From working on campaigns throughout the 1990s, to running a major PAC from 2004 to 2008, and working directly for candidates as a General Consultant until 2012. Some of his most successful work was in state legislative races where he used data and mapping to help drive successful independent expenditure efforts.

In the 2011 redistricting Mitchell led a team impacting legislative and congressional district lines within the structure of the state’s new non-partisan redistricting commission. This team went on to conduct the redistricting for more than 35 cities, school boards and community college districts, including the Los Angeles Unified School District, and most recently the City of Santa Ana.

Jacob Thompson Fisher is the Chief Technical Officer at Redistricting Partners. Jacob has previously worked for Political Data Incorporated and has been a data consultant for dozens of political campaigns and organizations.

Chris Chaffee is Chief Analyst at Redistricting Partners. Chris brings his extensive experience in politics, polling, message development, coalition creation, and legal analysis to the firm.