Redistricting Partners is proud to be working with the following clients:

The Community College System in California includes 72 districts, all with differing cultures and needs.  The Community College League is an advocacy group for the system and a provider of district services.  They supply everything from board training to administration and even direct access energy.

In 2011 the League has created a District Services program to provide redistricting support for districts across the state.  Redistricting Partners was brought into the development of this service and will be servicing contracts for the League.

Current Community College District Clients include:

Allan Hancock
Copper Mountain
Los Angeles
Mt. San Antonio
Palo Verde
San Bernardino
San Jacinto
Santa Barbara
Santa Clarita

Local Governments

The City of Elk Grove has undergone significant population growth since their first set of district lines were created in 2004.  To add to the challenge, the city recently passed a measure to transition to a full-time mayor and reduce their council from 5 to 4 members.

The city is working with Redistricting Partners to create new district lines.  The process includes demographic analysis of the community, meetings with the public to help them develop community plans, and a final product that will bring people closer to their local government.

Redistricting Partners was selected after a competitive bid process which included both Democratic consultant Paul Mitchell and Republican consultant Matt Rexroad.  This bi-partisan approach to local redistricting has already won praise on

Organizations impacting State and Local redistricting

The South Bay Committee for Fair Redistricting

The Monterey Bay Central Labor Council




California State Building Trades Council



California Dental Association






The Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) is an advocacy group within the San Fernando Valley.  In this year’s redistricting process they are working with the commission to increase the local representation for Valley residents.  In past redistricting the Valley has been cut up in a way that most of its representation came from people who were not from the Valley.  By using the Prop 11 and 20 rules, presenting data and plans to the commission, and organizing the community, VICA will shape the politics in the Valley for the next decade.  For more info visit


For the past several decades the ethnic minority populations have been drivers in redistricting reform and advocacy for proper line drawing.  They learned a long time ago that redistricting creates opportunities and risks for groups that are constantly having their civil rights under attack.

The LGBT community is working with Redistricting Partners on projects to increase the representation and political power for the state’s growing LGBT community.  Equality California – the state’s most prominent LGBT rights organization is heading the charge – and using Redistricting Partners.

For all the Statewide redistricting, commissioner Dai said: “Thank you for making a community was otherwise invisible, visible.”


Sacramento Downtown Partnership is an association of community and business leaders focused on revitalizing downtown.  Early in the process the group was interested in what could be done to maximize the downtown voice on a city council that in the last redistricting split the downtown core three ways.

The DSP contracted with Redistricting Partners, Pence Communications and Imprenza Communications Group to develop maps, rationale and strategy around redistricting at the city level.