Redistricting Partners is proud to be working with two major statewide educational associations to help facilitate redistricting for the agencies they serve.

CSBA is the nonprofit education association representing the elected officials who govern public school districts and county offices of education.

Redistricting Partners has a partnership with CSBA to serve school districts and county offices of education in their redistricting needs.

The Foundation serves as the official foundation supporting the Board of Governors, Chancellor’s Office, and the entire California Community College system, including 115 colleges and 73 districts, serving 2.1 million students.  

The Foundation has a master contract with Redistricting Partners that can be used by community colleges to provide a complete, open, transparent redistricting process.

Current Clients include:


  • New York Independent Redistricting Commission


  • Kern County
  • Napa County
  • San Bernardino County
  • San Joaquin County
  • San Luis Obispo County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Siskiyou County
  • Solano County
  • Ventura County
  • Yolo County


  • City of Los Angeles Redistricting Commission
  • City of Long Beach Independent Redistricting Commission
  • City of Berkeley Independent Redistricting Commission
  • City of Oakland Independent Redistricting Commission
  • City of Burlingame
  • City of Carpinteria
  • City of Mesa, AZ
  • City of Napa
  • City of Parlier
  • City of Redwood City
  • City of San Jose
  • City of Santa Ana

School Districts

  • Napa County Office of Education
  • Alameda County Office of Education

Community Colleges

  • San Jose Evergreen
  • Foothill DeAnza
  • Napa Valley
  • San Bernardino
  • Shasta
  • Southwestern
  • South Orange

Water Districts

  • Goleta Water District
  • Valley Water

Special Districts

  • Coastside Fire District

Prior Clients include:

School / Community College Districts

  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Alameda County Office of Education
  • College of the Desert CCD
  • Mt. San Antonio CCD
  • Ohlone CCD
  • Citrus CCD
  • San Jacinto CCD
  • Santa Barbara CCD
  • Compton CCD
  • Copper Mountain CCD
  • Pasadena CCD
  • San Bernardino CCD
  • Santa Clarita CCD
  • Solano CCD
  • Yosemite CCD
  • Yuba CCD


  • City of Santa Ana
  • City of Davis
  • City of Elk Grove
  • City of Napa

Special Districts

  • Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare
  • Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • Coalinga Regional Medical District
  • Solano Irrigation District
  • Sequoia Healthcare District
  • San Mateo County Harbor District
  • Cosumnes Services District
  • Nevada Irrigation District
  • Novato Fire District
  • North Marin Water District
  • Three Valleys Municipal Water District

Organizations impacting State and Local redistricting

For the past several decades the ethnic minority populations have been drivers in redistricting reform and advocacy for proper line drawing.  They learned a long time ago that redistricting creates opportunities and risks for groups that are constantly having their civil rights under attack.

The LGBTQ+ community is working with Redistricting Partners on projects to increase the representation and political power of the state’s growing LGBTQ+ community.  Equality California – the state’s most prominent LGBT rights organization is heading the charge – and using Redistricting Partners.

For all the Statewide redistricting, commissioner Dai said: “Thank you for making a community was otherwise invisible, visible.”

This work in 2011 is being extended into 2021 with a new project expanding beyond California into other states with additional partners from the LGBTQ+ Community.

Sacramento Downtown Partnership is an association of community and business leaders focused on revitalizing downtown.  Early in the process, the group was interested in what could be done to maximize the downtown voice on a city council that in the last redistricting split the downtown core three ways.

The DSP contracted with Redistricting Partners, Pence Communications and Imprenza Communications Group to develop maps, rationale and strategy around redistricting at the city level.

Our other non-profit contracts to assist in redistricting, voting rights analysis and related activities include:

  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Advancement Project
  • Irvine Foundation
  • California State Building Trades
  • Victory Fund