Redistricting Partners is a full-service firm handling decennial redistricting, conversion to districts under the California Voting Rights Act, and racially polarized voting analysis.

Redistricting Partners was formed with a focus on engaging in the statewide redistricting process under the new California Redistricting Commission. This work quickly moved into local municipal redistricting, starting with a master contract with the Community College League of California for advising and implementing transitions from at-large election systems to districted election systems for dozens of community college districts throughout the state.

For the last decade, much of our work has been with cities, community college districts, school boards and other kinds of agencies, such as hospital districts, water boards and other special districts. This work has been across the state, including very large agencies spanning multiple counties and within areas of the state requiring preclearance under the Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act (when it was operative), to extremely small jurisdictions with barely enough population to make for functioning districted systems.

Our work has allowed us to develop experience in all facets of redistricting, from working with a redistricting commission at the Los Angeles Unified School District, to developing outreach in communities across the state with diverse ethnic populations, engaging the public through workshops and mass communication, working with datasets common to redistricting, such as the decennial census files and the American Community Survey, and uncommon databases, such as student transportation data, mapping educational needs, healthcare services and creating datasets for different populations of farmers or students or other special requests by agencies or the public.

To see a standard scope of services for municipal redistricting under the Fair Maps Act, please download this PDF: Scope of Services – Fair Maps Act

For agencies looking to convert to districts under the California Voting Rights Act, please download this PDF: Scope of Services – CVRA

For Racially Polarized Voting analysis in conjunction with legal counsel to determine California Voting Rights Act analysis or Section 2 Voting Rights Act analysis, please download our Scope of Services – RPV Analysis

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