The sidebar of each map gives these figures and more. The following is a summary of these fields:

Population: The US Census figure for April 1 2010. This is what is used in redistricting.

01_Population: The Census figure used in the 2001 redistricting.

PDI Total Voters: This is the total number of voters in the Political Data Inc. voterfile for the district.

Ethnicity is printed in the table as listed in the Census file, with the percentage of each done as a straight calculation.

Ethnicitiy with a “01” is the census figure used in the 2001 redistricting.

CVAP means “Citizen Voting Age Population” and is a number provided by the Census as an estimate to the Block Group level. These are aggregated to the full district and have a margin of error of approximately 2-3 percent.

PDI Democrats, Republicans and Decline to State fields are political counts from the voter file.